clifton r. johnson for us senate

Remember George Washington, well he's back and he's upset .

                               Please read the following, if you agree with it check my name on the Ballot primary. 

         ***Vote for me and show them your vote does not have to be bought with a million dollar campaign. "WE THE PEOPLE".


I’m Clifton R Johnson, a fellow conservative Nebraska resident for over 44 years in the Fort Calhoun, Blair area. Age 55. I’ve been with my wife 37 years since high school, I have a 12 year old son Preston and a 15 year old daughter named America, you think I love this country. I’d like to ask for your consideration in the Republican primary 2018'. to represent Nebraska in the United States Senate. I’m an entrepreneur, businessman. My first real job was at the age of 13, I’ve had gainful employment ever since that date. I’ve never been on unemployment and I’ve made my own way. Starting 10 business’ I know what it takes to deal with government regulations and try to create jobs. First time candidate. I have a clear history, I've never had as much as even a speeding ticket in my life. I’m very concerned that a lot of people do not truly understand what’s happening to our country.
Now those of you that are staying informed, and making others aware, you should be commended for your patriotism. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands, of American citizens who have fought to the death, to protect and guarantee our freedoms and liberties, our constitution, our system of government, a constitutional republic built on free enterprise and capitalism,
that has allowed the greatest and most prosperous nation ever to be on the face of the earth, benefiting all people. Nobody burns our flag in front of me.
Socialism has proven throughout the ages to be a failure. **The time for political correctness is over.** My dad, who as a young man, sailed the world with the United States merchant marines and later fought in the Korean war told me, he’ll love me unconditionally, unless I ever go against this country, well I know now, that if I do not stand up and fight, to save this country from fundamental transformation, I would be giving up my dad’s honor, along with all those that fought and died. I never thought I would see the day that I am more concerned about the tyranny from within, than I am from our enemies abroad. As long as I can take a breath I will vow to fight this socialist express that is not only knocking on your front door but kicking your front door down and coming into your home with total disregard for our freedoms and liberties. I believe I am the only candidate who understands how serious it is. Everything is not OK. I also am not fine with socialism lite. ** The United States was not an experiment, it is an opportunity of freedom and personal choices, and those choices must have consequences.
If one chooses not to be a responsible, respectful, productive citizen, this country was not founded for you. With this administrations unprecedented over reaches of power, its disregard for our constitution, government spying on its own citizens, I believe the IRS targeting conservative groups during a heated political campaign is criminal. A 2,500 page socialized health bill, obamacare, which I believe never was about healthcare succeeding but more about thousands of regulations to control people’s lives to achieve their agenda, young people are experiencing taxation without representation, entitlement fraud is rampant leaving less money for the elderly and truly disabled, 92 million are out of the workforce due to failed government policies which now even promote more unemployment, our borders are wide open to criminals or gangs or terrorists that are ruining our way of life, the fed which is supposed to be an independent organization is now in business with the powers that be to devalue our currency by its quantitative easing, the government does not include food prices to track inflation, In addition to what the government already takes from us, they have overspent the people’s money by 17 trillion dollars and want more, our military and veterans are neglected, while we waste money on our enemies, and we all have to press ‘1’ on our phones for English. Every U.S. citizen should learn the English language. Well, these people in power know exactly what they’re doing, I believe it’s been long in planning, and they’re getting away with it.
We’re at a critical time to save our nation from socialism.
REPUBLICANS MUST WIN ELECTIONS, we need to elect strong fearless leaders that will stop this fundamental transformation. I have answers and common sense solutions to the monumental issues we face. Starting with a new conversation of self-pride and aspiring to improve one’s life.
I will bring back common sense. I appreciate your serious consideration in the primary.

I believe patriots of all political parties whether (R), (D), or (I), did not sign on for fundamental transformation of the United States. American patriots from all parties must join forces now, and renew the American family’s pride to save our nation. “WE THE PEOPLE”.
I believe Nebraska values far exceed what we are seeing happen across our country. I now have young children and I am so fortunate to live in Nebraska where the people still have great values, ethics, and take pride in self-reliance and the freedom and liberty our country was founded on
I'm definitely for smaller less intrusive government in the people’s lives, promoting pride and self-responsibility. We must renew individual’s aspirations to better their position in life, for this country to stand. We should promote and demand respectful, responsible, productive citizenship. Our current government is promoting just the opposite, in order to keep their control over people’s lives.
Government has lost its way, and forgotten its place. Government is overbearing in the lives of the people, addicted to keeping its power and expanding it whenever possible. The hundreds of thousands of regulations and entitlements are driving and forcing a socialist society.
They know that with the entitlement, socialist voting-block, (if a person can vote themselves money, they always will), they can fundamentally transform our once free country. I fear this is our last chance to save the founding principles and our nation, of self-reliance, personal responsibility, liberty and freedom. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY MUST WIN ELECTIONS, and get control of the House, Senate and Executive branch. All republicans must vote
before it’s too late to save the country from socialism. They’re quickly putting laws in place that will make their radical agenda very hard to reverse.
When a person wants and demands the fruits of their neighbors labor, and can get it, through forced government policy, what is our nation going to become? If inspiration and motivation of profit is taken away from business building, risk taking entrepreneurs, there will be no jobs. We are stifled by ridiculous regulations forced on us by endless government. We have even heard of the sickening stories of children’s lemonade stands in their parent’s yard being shut down by government. What has this ridiculous government become? It is pathetic and embarrassing to both us and our children. We need new people involved that are unafraid and committed to BIG changes and bringing common sense back to our daily lives.
We must drastically reduce, downsize and rollback the size and scope of government, federal, state and local, to reasonable and accountable levels It is the perfect time to use the IRS criminal activity, as standing, to dissolve the IRS, and its 9,100 page tax bill,
Re-peal the 16th amendment, and put the fair, consumption tax in place, so everyone helps pull the wagon, instead of so many getting a free ride.
Now is the time for all good patriots, of all political parties, who love liberty and freedom, who just have that feeling, and know in their heart, their cherished liberties are racing down a dangerous road, to get up, speak up, contact your elected representatives and be sure to vote for people that are going to do something about it. Vote for candidates that don't want to control you, but wish to expand your liberty and freedom.
Our children should be educated about patriotism and the price many hundreds of thousands have paid with their lives for all of us to have our freedom and liberty. Instead they are now creeping in a socialist leaning agenda into our public school system, even vilifying success and hard work.
The world is not the all the same, nor equal, nor is it fair. There are different cultures, different intelligence, different abilities, different interests, wants and needs. My allegiance lies with the United States of America. It is time to put our nation’s people at the forefront of our concerns, also we shall deal with all nations, as needed, friend or foe, as deserved. Our military personnel shall not be put in harm’s way without absolute cause.
Federalist paper #62, states, senators should be of an advanced age and citizenship, with period of life advantages. I’ll pledge to listen to your interests, your concerns, and proudly represent Nebraska’s interests in Washington.
I have many more platform issues and solutions, including immigration, Nebraska state, and world affairs, and will share more as I move forward, and talk to many people about their views and concerns on issues. Please Vote.
Thank you,
Clifton R. Johnson (The new George Washington) (web;,)


       We need huge, sweeping changes to departments, programs, healthcare, taxes, waste and fraud, jobs, with a strong military

                   Now you know why I'm running for US Senate, if you agree, vote for me on the Ballot (R) primary.                       

                                 I did not ask for or accept 1 dollar from anyone for this United States Senate Campaign                                            

                          My campaign chose to do more with less money, isn't that what needs to be done in government.        

         ***Vote for me and show them your vote does not have to be bought with a million dollar campaign. "WE THE PEOPLE".