clifton r. johnson for us senate

Remember George Washington, well he's back and he's upset .

                     Healthcare,      Immigration,      Finance

Healthcare info;
Health Insurance is a complicated product, ongoing changes are disruptive. The administrations and regulators knee jerk reactions prohibit stability, planning and implementation.  Could these results, of hurting the industry’s ability to strategically plan, be part of their drive and desire for a single payer system.  There’s not much that this administration does without considering their left agenda.  This 2,500 page socialized health bill, didn’t just show up, it was long in planning with it’s 17,000 sub-regulations and jammed through at midnight on Christmas without one republican vote.  I believe it was so important to them because it creates a big part of their socialist foundation. Republicans need to present a comprehensive common sense alternative, to this health bill, in order to begin a serious dialog. Not everyone can drive a Bentley, or a new Corvette, unless you work hard and  achieve financial success to afford such things. It’s the same with health care. Not everyone gets the top cancer or heart surgeon in the country.
Part, of a new conversation should include fair priced, community health care clinics in every community, offering payment plans when needed. It should not cost 3000 dollars for a cat scan or 25 dollars for an aspirin. I believe there are many caring, patriotic, health care doctors and nurses who would love to have a job in their communities, offering a caring and more personal experience for their patients.    

Immigration info;
United States Senate candidate, Clifton R. Johnson NE (R), announces immigration plan and pathway to citizenship for the illegal immigrants who are in the United States that are here with good patriotic intentions.

The United States has always been a welcoming melting pot for citizens of the world who agree with and desire freedom and liberty. Who wish to be part of a respectable, hard working, self reliant citizenry, willing to learn to communicate through a shared language, to learn our founding history and respect our founding documents, pledging allegiance to the country and flag. To be part of the American family, respecting all other citizens.

We need to work toward making legal immigration easier and more expedited, especially for those legally waiting in line.
New policies will make legal entry the desired path. We must also present an overall plan for the imperative conditions at hand.

Two steps that must be done now, in conjunction with each other.

1. Find out who is here, and their intentions. Start a dialog of mutual respect for those deserving.      
 2. Secure the areas of our borders which pose an ongoing problem to our country's security.

1. We need to know who is here and close the border. This can be accomplished by;
Offer 180 days (or 6 months) for all illegal immigrants to come in and get a picture ID with name and address. Logistics can be handled through the DMV with a few temporary extra hires fluent in Spanish, (doesn't matter if they don't use their birth name, an Identification document will now exist). They must fill out a document and state who they are, where they live, why they're here, child information, and their intentions.  They will be given a conditional, temporary visa, with a follow up mandatory meeting and requirement that they, within one year, learn the English language and prove they are a productive citizen with good intentions, to be allowed to continue their visa while working toward citizenship behind those legally in line.
All illegal immigrants with good intentions will embrace  this offer, finally beginning a dialog of mutual respect and American pride.
All Illegal immigrants in the US, who do not come in to the local DMV, sign up and get a picture ID, shall be, following any law enforcement contact,  deported without delay.

2. Review all borders, Close the most dangerous and problematic 1000 miles of the southern border, with logistics through  the states National Guard and Federal assistance as needed,  A soldier stationed every 1/8th mile, is 8,000, x 2- twelve hour shifts = 16,000 personnel, with night vision. Also mobile, fast response teams utilizing best technologies to impede desolate isolated crossings. No people will be crossing this protected border. Use new and best technologies to replace the heavy personnel presence as soon as is practical.

The sooner all well intentioned people living inside the United States can begin to trust and believe they are becoming part of the American family, the better it will be for all. America shall continue to be the shining light for freedom and liberty.  

Financial Info;
Concerning our country’s recent financial crisis, the government likes to cover themselves by blaming the banks. Financial institutions were, and still are, wrongly targeted by government, educated people know the situation started with the community reinvestment act many years ago, expanding with Fannie and Freddie and more bad lending guidelines, compounded by Dodd/Frank requirements in the early and mid 2000’s, forcing the doubling down on bad loans, by all lenders, or face threats of disruption concerning capital liquidity.  
One cannot blame the banks for grouping and bundling of these mandated bad loans, and selling them, knowing well that they were toxic.  The secondary market lending jumped on the band wagon, laughing at the government required bad lending regulations.  I fully believe the government’s insane lending mandates created the housing crisis and subsequent financial crisis, which hit bottom in 2009. We’ve seen unsustainable bubbles in housing, insurance and education.
To steal a line from Ronald Regan, government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.
Looking forward, the hype and general broad flow into equities will slow, as the needed driver for the equities market becomes profitability, and ROI. Investment in fixed income and the bond market has recently increased. It appears the best growth in 2014’  will be in the tech and health care sectors.

The feds inflow feels good now, providing artificially low interest rates and other benefits, but it reduces treasury investments and is driving inflated equities, and with the tapering in 2015, which will put pressure on emerging markets, we must assure the foundations and fundamentals are in place for long term sustainability. We need to address long term unemployment, the labor force participation rate is at 63%, the lowest since the 70s,  the trillions in both private debt and national debt, and we need to reduce regulations and corporate taxes to spur massive industry growth, in order to create the number of jobs we’ll need moving forward.   

The united states was not an experiment, it is an opportunity of freedom and personal choices, and those choices must have consequences. If one chooses not to be a responsible, respectful, productive citizen, This country was not founded for you.

I have answers and comprehensive solutions to the monumental issues we face, I will bring back common sense. I am the voters choice for strong, fearless representation, if you want to end politics as usual. You can view my website, if you agree, tell people about my campaign, you don’t have to vote for those that appear entitled, and show the powers that be your vote can’t be bought with a million dollar campaign.

Clifton R. Johnson
United States Senate candidate NE (R)