clifton r. johnson for us senate

Remember George Washington, well he's back and he's upset .

Nebraska farmers and ranchers,

the heartbeat of America.

Among the most hardest working people in the country, holding the highest ethical values.

Truly an inspiration.

I've never been a advocate of government involvement in, or use of the peoples cash in private business', BUT, EVERYONE NEEDS TO EAT. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Therefore, farmers and ranchers are not a special interest group, and should be offered good  risk, crop, and loss of stock insurance. Also access to common sense lending for operations and business expansion.

Water, irrigation issues across our state is of vital importance. Immediate solutions must be formed and implemented. No BS EPA unscientific guides.

The last thing these patriots need is some government talking head bothering them and telling them how to run their farm or ranch.

Thank You !