clifton r. johnson for us senate

Remember George Washington, well he's back and he's upset .

Thanks for your voting consideration.

small business' create the largest number of job opportunities.
Clifton R.Johnson, entrepreneur, businessman from Fort Calhoun, Ne., may file to run for US senate Ne, (R) for 2018 elections.

"I believe patriots of all political parties whether (R), (D), or (I), did not sign on for fundamental transformation of the United States. The time for political correctness is over. I believe Nebraska values far exceed what we are seeing happen across our country.

My wife and I grew up in Fort Calhoun Ne., we've been together since high school. We now have young children and I am so fortunate to live in Nebraska where the people still have great values, ethics, and take pride in self reliance and the freedom and liberty our country was founded on. We need to immediately engage in, and win the fight for the direction of our great nation. 

The socialist express thats been roaring down the tracks must be derailed now. and immediately drastically reduce the size and scope of government at all levels, to reasonable and accountable levels. I need to succeed in the primary to take on our fight."

Age 55, Fort Calhoun, Blair area resident 44 years.
I have an 15 Year old Daughter named America, you think I love this country ! 

1st time seeking any office. Clear history, I've never had as much as a even a speeding ticket in my life. 

Owner of Perfect Stay Inn & Suites, in Blair and Council Bluffs.
Among other business' and real estate investments. 
My first business I started, one week out of high school was Professional Chimney Sweep.
I have started and operated approx 10 successful business', I know what it takes to deal with government regulations and play a part in creating jobs. 

"I'm definitely for smaller less intrusive government in the peoples lives, promoting pride and self responsibility. So I'll throw the first barrel of tea in the harbor. We must renew  American pride, and individual aspirations to better their position in life, for this country to stand.  

The United States was not an experiment, it is an opportunity of freedom and individual choices."        

"Whether you are (R), (D), or (I), or ethnic heritage, we must come together through American pride to save the United States. 
I have answers and solutions for the monumental tasks before our nations path."

My dad was executive director for the Nebraska Heart Assoc. and also put together CHAD,(combined health agency drive), also he is the founder of the Merrymakers Assoc. (free professional music entertainment for retirement homes). At 18 he enlisted in the Merchant Marines, and also fought in the Korean war. He died 3 years ago. I am proud to be his son.

again thanks, I'll disclose more info on platform as I move forward and talk to many people about there views and concerns on issues.    ****Please give me your consideration****